Ultralight Safety Kids Full Face Bike Helmet

Ultralight Safety Kids Full Face Bike Helmet

Shock-absorbing protection durable hard polycarbonate shell and shock-absorbing foam can absorb external shocks and provide maximum protection. 

The aerodynamic design and 13 vents of the Face Bike Helmet provide excellent airflow to keep your child cool and reduce wind resistance.

Removable and easy to clean It can be washed to keep the helmet clean, fresh, and odor-free.

This full-face helmet is constructed from a hard polycarbonate shell with shock-absorption EPS foam to provide maximum protection for your kids. With 13 air vents and a vented mouth guard, your kids can stay cool even after riding for a long time. The adjustable dial and side straps allow a snug yet comfortable fit. The lining pad is moisture-wicking and washable to reduce the odor and keep fresh, giving your kids much more fun. The helmet is also freely detachable to use as a half-face helmet, very convenient to use.