Autumn Breathable Long Sleeve Cycling Set

UV Reflection

Sunlight is effectively reflected off the jersey to prevent most UV radiation,thus reducing skin damage and experienced heat.

Professional Cycling Jersey Fabric

Highly breathable, highly absorbent, cycling fabrics keeps you dry and cool when you ride. Riding hard works up a serious sweat, but this jersey will keep you comfortable throughout your ride.

 Specially developed to provide maximum riding comfot.

Neckline: This fashionable collar is designed to reduce friction while you ride.

Zipper Details: This self-locking zipper with a smooth run never opens when you need it closed.

 Skid Strip: High-quality,non-slip tape for the most comfortable cycling experience

High-quality,non-slip tape,reduces discomfort during cycling.

Material: Polyester and Lycra
Sleeve Size: Long Sleeve
Pants Material: 80% Polyester and 20% Stretch & Spandex
Cycling Jersey Pad Style: GEL Breathable Pad
Zipper Length: Full