Tips for safe riding

1.The approach og the American company Bontarger, a leading equipment manufacturer in the field of riding safety, is also called ABC:

Alawys on,Biomotin,Contrast.

Always on: Studies clearly show that daylight lights significantly reduce the liklihood of a car accident between cars, and copying this logic to a bicycle is quite obvious. However, not all lights born equal, and advanced headlights and lamps have special functions for daylight, which is differentiated in focus, intensity, and range of illumination.

Biomotion- the human brain is used to filtering out "backround noises", all the same sounds, movements that it sees frequently. What "jumps" in consciousness is "irregular" movements of the legs while pedaling. For this reason,socks,shoes,sleeves of the thighs in prominent colors are more effective than other clothing items.

Contrast- Opposites. Fluorescent colors are very prominent during the day, but in the dark they are invisible. In the darkness, light reflectors are important.

2. Helmet. yes, i know, you ride carefully. Yes, you never fell on your head either. Otherwise you would not be here to talk to us about it...For most of us, there is only one head left, and therfore is it recommended to guard it seriously, and for this, the helmet was created. Not all helmets were created equal. It is true that almost all of the helmets sold in your country meet the same standards, but they differ in the number of parameters-head fit, comfort, ventilation, aerodynamics, design and more. While ventilation, comfort and aerodynamics do not really affect the defensive capabilities of the helmets, but a match to the head, absolutely yes. An helmet that sits well will protect your head better. In addition, today, in many helmets, the MIPS system is installed, which is one of the only safety breakthroghs that the helmet indusry has known since the 1990's. MIPS-Multi-Directional impact protection system. This is actually an additional layer of helmet protection, designed to reduce the rotational movement transmitted to the brain during a stroke, thereby significantly reducing the risk of head injuries.

3. Tires- Tires are our connecting link to asphalt, and the safety aspect is overlooked by many. Better quality tires will usually grip better, and the difference will increase on wet or dirty surfaces. In addition, tires dry up over time, erode with use, lose quality, and exposure to the sun (tying out) speeds up blythe. It is recommended to look at the tires before each ride, look for cuts, grooves that indicate dryness, make sure that the air pressure is appropiate.



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