Huge research: Cycling reduces the risk of death and disease

After running a study,researchers in the UK find that those who cycled to work reduced the risk of death to heart attack and cancer by up to 46%. researchers:"Invest in bicycle paths".The study was published in the British Medical Journal.

For five years,the team studied population of 250,000 people. Of those,2,430 died,3,748 were diagnosed with cancer,and 1,110 had heart disease.

The study found that those who rode daily during the study period reduced the risk of dying from any cause by 41%,reduced the risk of cancer by 45% and the risk of heart disease by 46% compares by those who did not.

What is the duration of riding with the protective effect?

It was not riding around the house,but the average riding distance per week was about 48 km,but the longer the riders traveled,the more protective it was,and walking was found to reduce the risk of heart disease,9.6 km per week.

"There is strong evidence that people who come to work actively-especially riding,are at risk for morbidity and low mortality",said team leader Dr.jason gill. "but to keep riding,you have to add alot of willpower to the equation.In addition,bicycles paths and showers are required in the workplace so that the riders can continue the important task."

 The protective effect of bike riding continued even when researchers revomed variables that might have affected statistical results,such as smoking,nutritional status,and weight.This means that riding a bicycle has an additional protective effect,beyond maintaining normal weight due to aerobic activity.

One of the explaintation for the protective effect of cycling is that those who rode on bicycles tended to have a narrower body structure.Cycling protects more than walking,probably due to the fact that it os more intense and more intensive physical activity.

Regular exerecise reduces the amount of fat in the abdominal organs. This fat binds to many diseseas,especially cancer and herat diseseas.Phisycal activity also reduces the level of activity of the sress hormones,led by cortisol,which are linked to the development of many malignant diseases.

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