10 tips that will take you all the way to the top

Riding on the rise is a challenge for quite a few cyclist;some prefer to skip pedaling altogether while others would be happy if they could one day ride just faster on steep slopes.Unfortunately,here too you will not find a magic solution,but we will give you ten tips to help you maintain speed,even when the road begins to become cruel to muscles.

Tip #1- The excess weight that carries you down.

No one likes to hear it and we all know there's no quick way to handle it either.But the truth is that how much extra pounds you carryb on your body on a routine will be felt seven times during the ascents.You notice,for example,how skinny sir bradley wiggins was when he won the Tour de France compare to the other riders? Has recently made efforts to shed one or two kilograms( or more ),here is another excellent motivational factor.

Tip #2- Hard training,easy battle.

If we are rational,we will continue to point out other simple but painfully correct story: the more hills and mountains you ride,the better your ride will get.If you live in a place that has more or less one proper increase and no more,its seems that time to get to know her better,despite boredom.In case that you are not "blessed" with the hike in your cycling route,you may want to consider the possibility of investing in riding a bike or riding a trainer as an integral part of the trianing routine(which can be likened to riding on a slope, of course ).

Tip #3- The right gear for the right incline.

As long as you intend to ride on the hill near the house from time to time,there is really no reason for you to rush to buy yourself parts that will improve your riding.On the other hand,if there is a "light" trip on the horizon for the pyrenees or the thousands,it may be time to invest afew bucks in the purchase of suitable equipment.To get 5 to 8 precent gardient that runs for 20 km,for example,it's good to have a compact CRANKSET with a wide range of gears,and in any case,always recommend a lower gear that you think is necessary.

Tip #4- Cadence and riding rate-Each according to his ability.

Both the cadence (the rythem of the legs) and the correct riding rate are very individual data.There are riders looking for the rules of gold or the rule of thumb to ride rhytmically,but the truth is that there are simply none.Remember the iron rule that the more you ride the higher your riding will improve?Well, on this subject,the more time you spend riding,the betterb you will know what your body is capable of and what is the right pace for you personally.

Tip #5- Do not forget to refuel.

In long rides and riding in the field or on the rise,proper refueling of the body before and duting riding is one of the most important and even critical keys to success.Naturally,a shortage of available energy  will be felt more strongly during pedaling uphill.In the worst cases,due to lack of attention to eating and drinking from the beginning of riding,you may find yourself unable to move forward.Of course,it is recommended to eat and drink while riding,especially in the falls or in tha plain.If you are forced to consume food or drink in the rise,so consider taking down the pace slightly.

Tip #6- Correct tecnique will save you from busy muscles.

Proper tecnique,including proper body posture and proper use of gears during the climb,is incredibly vital for efficient riding and proper utilization of your energy.If you're not sure your tecnique is good enough,we recommend that you invest in one or two riding lessons with a professional riding instructor.Chances are you will feel an almost immediate improvment in your overall abilities and feelings.

Tip #7- Do not waste your energ on a drop.

It may sound funny,but also a downhill ride should know.If you're worried about riding down the slope and feel you're putting too much energy into the downs,take into account that it might take revenge on you.On the other hand,improving your cycling technique will not only improve your cycling speed but will also allow you to save more energy.

Tip #8- Rider in the group? Take advantage!

Riding in a team has many advantages that are reflected,among other things,in climbing but in a big way felt throghout the entire ride.On the other hand,a rider who does not feel comfortable in the team or who is not aware of the correct riding rules in a team that can help him improve cycling will soon find that the advantages can become disadvantages.So if you go riding in a group regulary or even incidentally,we recommend that you take an interest in the subject.

Tip #9- Smart planning will take you far (and high).

You have may already bumped into the rider who usually put small notes on their bikes before going out for riding.This is very common practice among cyclists,especially in challenging routes.In the notes you can tell yourself the extent of the slope,the important milestones,the locations of the refresh stations along the route etc.The information you collect will help you ride at the right pace in the various segments,especially if you do not know the route.The more advanced method involved sharing GPS files among riders:rest assured that in any online riders' forum you can find at least five friends who will be happy to send you their "road stories" to help you prepare for your next challenging ride.

Tip #10- Clothing and equipment:where is the extra weight hiding?

Of the face of it it sounds very logical to try to "shave" made a mouth and caused the weight of the bicycle and basic equipment.At the same time,anyone who tried to renew himself with lighter equipment and became addicted soon discovred that this was apretty obssesive obsession.In fact,we will not exaggerate if we write that few factors that will save yourself simply do not justify the financial invesment.If you still have some money you want to invest in this matter, we recommend that you invest in the wheels suitable for the increases.This is probably a change that more than any other purchase justifies the financial invesment. An effective and iteresting way to get rid of excess weight is by reducing the amount of fluid in the bottles.Again,in order to this correctly, you must be able to plan ahead and understand whether there are enogh stops in the way to refresh.It is usually possible to reduce the amount of fluid to get rid of at least one kg, but we will emphsize it once again:Do not take risks in the name of low weight. 

You should also consider the toolbox and replacement components that you hold in your cycling bag.On the one hand,it is important to keep in hand the necessary equipment and spare parts,but on the other hand,a considarable proportion of the riders carry quite a bit of unnecessary equipment.

When it come to dress items,the ability of the game is of course very limited but small changes in clothing can defintely improve your energy utilizations.For example,it is recommended to avoid clothes that are not high quality or unsuitable for riding that hang on the body carelessly and if,for example,you opened the zipper of the shirt on the rise to cool,do not forget to zip it back after the climb.



All riders without exception can improve their riding ability, but it is imortant to remember that not every rider can become a mountain goat no matter how hars he invests.So if you are relatively large and powerful rider,choose your challenges and goals according to your natural data.There are enogh races and challenging and exciting routes that do not involve too much exhausting rises that can be a lot better for you.






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